Entrepreneurship in the Apps World

Next Thursday, October 1st, 2015, at UPC School – Tech Talent Center (Badajoz Street, 73 – map) in Barcelona, we will have the Open Talent «Entrepreneurship in the apps world» by Valentí Freixanet, founder and CEO of Biapum. I met Valentí a few months ago at an event organized by BLE (Barcelona Loves Entrepeneurs). I saw in him an attitude and the know how that demonstrate why he has had the professional trajectory that he has had. I am certain that we will be a good opening act for the presentation of this year’s student Master’s degree in Mobile Business and Apps Design projects.

As a teacher I have thoroughly enjoyed this year’s projects. I am sure that you will find them quite interesting from both the business and creative standpoints. I invite you to come and corroborate this first hand!

Please click on the link below to get all the details about the event and to sign up: http://www.talent.upc.edu/ing/agenda/mostrar/id/1757/open-talent-emprender-mundo-apps/


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