The GDC17 Flash Forward Playlist

This year, GDC features an interesting improvement. Last year they saved one day for an event called “Flash Forward”. In a two-hour period, the organizers at GDC managed to provide us with a very fast overview on different talks. Several topics where introduced by speakers who presented their talks in just one minute. It was a frenetic topic-to-topic show without pause, where they had to get the audience’s attention in order to engage them and invite them to watch their sessions.

This year, this nice strategy has been published on YouTube using a playlist. There are 59 sessions presented. Here is the link:

Whether or not you go to GDC, this a very interesting set of inputs which can enlighten you on any of the topics. You can then go to the GDC Vault, the big talks data base with all the contents of all the previous editions, and search for your desired presentations. As you probably know, the GDC Vault now has several videos which you can watch for free. Previously, it had an associated cost of about $2,000. It is an amazing source of information on everything related to programming, art, screenwriting, monetization, VR, postmortems, etc.

Another interesting thing about this playlist concerns the well-known elevator pitch technique. All the published videos can be a very good collection of useful examples. So, if you are planning to do your own elevator pitch about your project and/or company, it can be a very good reference to keep in mind.

I’m sure you will appreciate this information, so, enjoy the videos! ;)

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