Students’ Projects of the Master’s Degree in Game Design & Development (Year 2015-2016) – Work in Progress

Hi guys,

It has been a long time, but here I am again to show you something you will sure appreciate.

Last month we had the presentation of the alpha versions of our projects in the Game Design and Development Postgraduate Program. We did something different this year: the session was recorded and streamed in real-time with Periscope, yeah! :P

Next, I will give you all the information about the presented projects and their real-time demonstrations, so you can have a better idea about what they are developing. If you want to see the latest updated versions, you should visit Periscope rather than YouTube.

As you know, this is still a work in progress and the results will improve greatly. The final presentation will take place next 7th October, so save the date, we will give you further information in September.


Maturuturu Studios

In Drop you will play as a lost water drop on its journey to reach the sea in a relaxing experience with puzzles and platform-game components. Find other lost drops and join together to form bigger drops and make your way through the dangerous hazards you will encounter.



Lightpath is a 3D platform-puzzle videogame where you are Lum, a light guardian with the main ability of controlling the position of the light, invoked to fight against the Dark Lord who is trying to fill the planet with darkness. You will fight enemies, face challenges, and solve puzzles with your abilities in order to defeat him. And remember, the shadows hurt you, so you have to avoid them!


Born from Elements

In Born from Elements you play as Yui Hikari, and your only mission is to lead your comrades to the last battle. Use the weapons of disaster and beat angels, demons, and other supernatural creatures, while you discover your real identity and try to return home. Fight and unveil the hidden secrets of Born from Elements! Rediscover the joy of playing a classic JRPG with stunning cel-shaded graphics.



Monkey TV

Monkey TV is a fun 3D arcade game. Inside a monkey civilization, Oscar and other monkeys have been absorbed by a television sold by the evil Dr. Peanut and they will need to win at TV shows and movies in order to defeat him and destroy the broadcast.


Team Glitch

Game for a single player where you take control of a glitch. He is born in a game where the best four heroes of the artichoke kingdom are going to rescue their princess, as she has been captured by a terrible dragon. The jealous glitch, controlled by the player, will use his game-breaking powers to rescue her before the heroes do, and thus become the true hero of the game.



A purely arcade and colourful experience in which you will incarnate KDT, an antivirus that has to clean the computer from the ChromaVirus threat.


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