English & Video Games: Testimonials

Here we are again and I would like you to see why English is so important in the Video Game Industry.

As you know, two weeks ago we, at UPC, announced our Bachelor’s Degree in Video Game Design and Development, taught entirely in English. I think you will be able to see from the following video that English is an essential tool in this industry, and that sooner or later, you will be using it in your day to day interactions. Why not start at university?

Four of our collaborating Studios appear in this video. They have been contributing to our programs for many years, both teaching and recruiting students. I would like to thank Xavier Carrillo (Digital Legends), Ricard Pillosu (Crytek), Matthew Clarke (Ubisoft), and Jan Wedekind (King) for everything they have done for us, and for their help in making this video.

As you will see, there are plenty of reasons to undertake an educational project such at this one. I hope it will help you make the best decision for your academic future.

Are you ready? ;)

UPC Video Games

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