Breaking News: a New Video Game Degree 100% in English!

After 12 years teaching video games at UPC, I have big news for you. I have the pleasure to announce our first program degree taught 100% in English. This year, after the 11th edition of our Post-Graduate Program in Video Games, one of the oldest in Europe, we started teaching the Undergraduate Video Game Program Degree in Terrassa. The new program in English has the same content as the Spanish language one, it is placed in Barcelona, but with this very important difference: all the work is done in English.

UPC Video Game Projects

Video Game studios have always used English as the common language for communication within teams, at meetings, conference calls and so on. Moreover, documental work like the game design document, sketches, QA reviews, etc. are also always written in English.

We will start applying this methodology from the very beginning of the new degree. I’ve asked around in the video game industry and, up until now, all the answers have been very enthusiastic. They welcome a proposal like this one without hesitation.

So, the situation couldn’t be any better. For Selectivitat students starting University in September this year, the option is open and for the first time, they will be able to choose an Interactive Media Program Degree taught 100% in English.

Our current offer of educational programs in video games, as well as its history, makes me travel back in time and reminisce about our first days when we started out and think about the road map we have drawn with all our programs.

Thus, we sorted out some dates and numbers and we made this infographic, our first infographic :), to organise and help you understand what we offer, what we have been doing at UPC, what our accumulated experience is, and what results we have achieved.

Are you ready for the first Spanish Video Game Degree 100% in English? ;)

UPC Video Games & Interactive Media

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