GDC15: The 1st Day

Yesterday I just took a quick tour around the city. I visited Pier 39, the aquarium, and a couple more places. If you plan on coming to SFO I would recommend you try this awesome dish: it is a clam soup with some more ingredients; trust me, it is really good.


And today was my first day at GDC. I attended the Education Summit and the Narrative Summit. What I can say up until now is that the conferences are great, they have big audiences, and they are quick and productive. And they are a good opportunity to meet interesting people or reunite with old friends. Here I am with Alex, now senior game designer at Square Enix, who collaborated with us a few years ago as a teacher in our game master academic program.


I have talked with some USA game universities, students, studios and indie developers. All of the indie games exposed have some kind of originality and peculiarity, but I have found these two games particularly interesting:

Extreme Exorcism, a platformer game in a haunted house with «an arsenal of shotguns and rocket launchers to ensure the ghosts learn their lesson».

Inside My Radio, a “rhythm-driven platformer adventure where your actions must follow the beat”.

Let’s see how the next days will be. I’m sure they will continue to be so cool.

See ya!

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