GDC15: The Preliminaries

Leave at 10am, arrive at 7.15pm. It sounds fast, right? Well, it is not like that at all: between Barcelona and San Francisco there is a time difference of 9 hours. But this is not a problem when you have been waiting for this moment all your life. I can assure you that it was a really fast trip, hardly noticeable at all.

An old arcade machine at JFK Airport, when I was catching a connecting flight from NY to SFO, is what I thought of photographing first. In the IT age we live in, we can still find this piece of art in one of the busiest points of human confluence in the world. Isn’t that cool? You can see it here:


After I taking care of all the typical stuff you have to take care of when you arrive at a new hotel, I went for walk around Union Square. There are some clubs, live music pubs, and I suppose that because it is Saturday, it is full of people. It’s like Aribau and Plaça Reial in Barcelona but with a lot of mountains. My second photo is of a curious sculpture I found at the entrance of Union Square. Here you are:


I’m tired, so after a burger I decided to come back to rest. By the way, did you know that king-sized beds have five pillows?


Tonight it will be so comfortable :)

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