Students’ Projects of the Master’s Degree in Mobile Apps (Year 2014-2015) – Work in Progress

The 4th Edition of our UPC Master’s Degree in Mobile Business & Apps Design is producing its preliminary results. All students’ projects are still a work in progress which will be finished in September; although some good results can already be seen.

The students are simulating the creation of a studio from scratch: they have elaborated their business plan and all the related branding actions. In the lines below you can find the list of projects with some basic information: authors, title, website, video and Twitter account.

I hope you will find them interesting and, of course, enjoy our students’ proposals. But before that, let me share our family snapshot :)

UPC Apps Students 2014/15


App made by and for pet lovers aiming to help to reunite families with their lost pets. We want to encourage and facilitate pet adoptions, among other fun and useful tools for the daily care of the pet.

Authors: Eduard Fernández Muñoz, Omar LaraRodríguez, Julen Zugasti Bilbao, Enric Malràs Forés, Julià Ríos Paniagua

Twitter: @petososapp


App to challenge your friends, joining trending challenges around the world and sharing the challenges you dared to join. Dare yourself, dare your friends, dare the world.

Authors: Virginia Armas, Alexander De Sousa, Rafael González, Elí Segovia, Bruno Terra

Twitter: @DareUApp


IMHO (In My Honest Opinion) is an app to help you with your daily choices. Just write, take a photo, send  it and let the answers come to you.

Authors: Marlin Aranguren, Xavier Comes, Densy Martinez, Rafael Zamora

Twitter: @appimho


Have you ever dreamt to date new friends «on-the-flight», while attending your favorite events. WooWoo is a mobile app that empowers ladies to break the ice and connect with new friends, through one-to-one flirting. Come & Enjoy the WooWoo experience.

Authors: Jesús Domínguez, Rubén Martinez, Oriol Selles, Ruben Xifré, Xavier Berthet

Twitter: @WooWoo_app


The only messaging app which allows you to set up plans with your group of friends.

Authors: Daniel Pinto Benitez, Eduard Fuentes Marigo, Jose Manuel Pérez Álvarez, Anup Jagdish Dialani Dialani, Francisco Palomares Barrios

Twitter: @Meetgram


EasyContacts is the app that keeps your mobile number up to date with the people you care about. Moreover, you can decide what extra information to share and with whom. Because with EasyContacts, you have to control of your data.

Authors: Jesús Ortega, Anselmo Muñoz, Héctor Vintro, Luis Carlos Tapia

Twitter: @EasyContacts

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