GDC15: The Day of Monument Valley

Thursday, last week, began with a bad surprise: I was not able to get into the Clash of Clans session. :( But I went to the Nvidia Shield, Occulus, and Far Cry 4 sessions. My expectations were not really met.

Ken Wong’s talk “The Art of Monument Valley” in the afternoon, was one of the best and with plenty of stuff to see at GDC. He showed us the major influences, the first prototypes, and the steps and visual techniques to obtain this marvelous and simple 3D art.

Here are some of his presentation slides, enjoy them!

MonumentValley1 MonumentValley2 MonumentValley3 MonumentValley4

Here you can find the Ken Wong’s talk at GDC Europe 2014: «Designing Monument Valley: Less Game, More Experience«.

Good luck, have fun!

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